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Charlie's Pride, the early yearsCharlie's Pride, the early years

Charlie’s Pride Meats began in 1969, based on the philosophy of providing superior products and service at the very best price.

That philosophy has served the company well. By offering premium roast beef, corned beef, pastrami and other fine deli items that are exceptionally flavorful, tender and juicy, Charlie’s Pride has expanded the award-winning business to gain nationwide sales and well-deserved customer loyalty.




Charlie's Pride, todayCharlie's Pride, today


Now home to over 140 employees in two facilities totaling over 70,000 sq. ft. in Los Angeles and Vernon, California, Charlie’s Pride has greatly expanded and updated its production and storage facilities, including the latest technology to enhance food safety and prolong shelf life, all for the benefit of our customers, our extended family.

Though Charlie’s Pride moves into the future with advances in technology, research and development to bring you the best in new and creative product ideas, we continue to prepare our meats with all the old-fashioned goodness you’ve come to love. We hand-select our meat cuts, cure them in our own unique blend of spices and prepare them fresh daily in our state-of-the-art smokehouses. And as an independent, family-owned and operated business with an emphasis on service, we offer the flexibility to customize any order to suit the particular needs of our customers, something that’s been lost elsewhere in today’s bottom-line-driven industry. What’s important to our customers is what’s important to us: superior products, outstanding variety, exceptional value and unparalleled service. And that’s something that will never change.