Take a Tasty Cross-Country Trip!

Charlie’s Pride News: Vernon, California and Nationwide

Take A Tasty Cross-Country Trip!


Charlie’s Pride is excited to announce a completely new addition to our extensive line of delicious deli products – our versatile collection of chef-created Au Jus, Dipping Jus and Gravy Mixes, with flavors inspired by culinary landmarks from all across this creative country of ours!

If you’re a Los Angeles native, you know about the savory Roast Beef French Dip Sandwich made famous there, and now popular all around the world. If you’re from the Windy City, you grew up with “Chicago Style” Italian Beef Sandwiches drenched in their distinctively seasoned Gravy. If you’re from down South, you crave a sandwich with an extra kick of Au Jus spiced with Cajun seasonings unique to the bayou. And from some of the best delis all across the country, the bold taste of Dipping Jus seasoned especially for Pastrami is a must for those that have experienced that heavenly combination.

Now thanks to Charlie’s Pride, each of these four flavorful creations is now available to you wherever you call home, and ready in just minutes! Just add one of our exclusive mixes to hot water, boil for a bit with slices of your favorite variety of Charlie’s signature beef, pile high onto a crusty roll or sliced rye bread, and you’ve got a savory sandwich sensation without going further than your own kitchen! There are recipes developed specifically for each unique flavor printed right on the packets, or visit our Recipes page for even more delicious ideas. Each variety is available in a 3-cup yield retail packet, or a half-gallon yield foodservice pack to suit your particular needs. For details on the entire product line, visit our Au Jus, Dipping Jus and Gravy Mixes link in the product section of our website. It’s a quick trip, and well worth your while!


Try all 4 delicious, chef-created varieties of Charlie’s Pride Au Jus, Dipping Jus and Gravy Mixes.